The Most Common Sports Betting Losses In History

The Most Common Sports Betting Losses In History

Sports betting is full of emotions: there’s the excitement of anticipation when making a bet, and the pleasure when you win. But there are two sides to any coin, and sports betting is just as much about losing as winning. The sickening disappointment when your bet falls flat is the flip side of all the fun stuff. Imagine the sensation when you’ve staked a couple of millions! We take a look at some of the most shocking losses in sports betting history. Read it and weep (and just be grateful you haven’t been)! Don’t forget to discover the biggest wins in sports betting history to lift your spirits later on!

Vegas Dave’s ‘Cupcake’ Defeat

First up is David Oancea, better known as Vegas Dave. UFABET  This famous sports bettor is renowned for boasting about his big bets and even bigger wins on his Instagram account on long-shot bets. However, he had to eat humble pie in 2016, when he bet $1 million on female MMA champion Miesha ‘Cupcake’ Tate at the UFC 200. Tate faced Amanda Nunes in a battle to retain her bantamweight belt. Within three minutes and 16 seconds of the first round, Tate was overcome by a rear-naked choke, losing the Nunes title (and losing a million bucks to Vegas Dave). Oancea seemed to take it in his stride, however, and said that he was more worried about Tate’s broken nose than he was about the cash. Not sure we’d be so calm about losing a cool million, but when you’ve got it to gamble, you actually have to risk it.

Michael Jordan Plays An Costly Hole

A notorious gambler is the legend of the NBA. Jordan’s early retirement is reportedly said to have been a secret suspension because of his gambling antics. No wonder he built up a debt of $1.2 million in the first place, though… In a tell-all book,’ Michael & Me: Our Gambling Addiction… My request for assistance! Betting buddy Richard Esquinas described one incident in Jordan that led, after a 10-day golf and betting spree, to a businessman losing $1.2 million. He managed, clearly, to recover some by playing, trying to negotiate it down to $300,000. It’s not surprising that he racked up the $1.2 million debt in the first place because he is known to play a single hole for $100,000. Maybe Michael should take his own advice to keep things fun. Then again, losing $1.2 million is nothing dull.

His defeats and winnings, Brit bets

Steven Richards is a British roofing contractor who is an avid sports fan and bettor, too. In 2013, he enjoyed an impressive accumulator bet that started with a £ 10 ($13) bet. By correctly predicting the winners of 12 rugby matches, Richards brought his total up to £ 38,970 (approx. $52,800). Luck clearly went to his head, because a week later, Steven decided to bet on another rugby match. Not the previous £ 10 bet, but a whopping $30,000 to beat Australia in Wales. If they had won, he would have been £55,000 richer, but alas, Australia won at the Millennium Stadium, Wales, with a 30-26 victory. His previous week’s winnings had barely reached his account until it was gone again. That’s got ta hurt!

Whammy Double by Birdman

Big-time bettor Birdman was not a happy hip-hop star after a staggering defeat on Super Bowl bets. Twice. Twice. Twice. Birdman, a lifelong fan of the New England Patriots (and popular for his social media boasts), said he was prepared to put $5 million on the Pats during the Super Bowl XLVI. When a sportsbook called his bluff, Birdman was uncharacteristically silent, daring him to put his money where his mouth is. He took a ‘smaller’ bet of $1 million on the game against 50 Cent, however. Unfortunately for Birdman, the New York Giants won the match at 21-17, leaving him a little less rich and ‘Fiddy’ a little more so. Birdman doesn’t seem to have learned his lesson, because when Super Bowl LII rolled around, he was back on Instagram, boasting about a $100,000 bet on Philly rapper AR-Ab. There were subsequent posts that boosted the overall bet to $200,000, but they mysteriously disappeared. Again, Birdman helped his beloved Patriots to defeat AR-Ab ‘s Philadelphia Eagles. The Eagles were victorious with a 41-33 win and Birdman was a loser once more.

Daredevil Matthew Webb

Sports betting and spectacularly losing out, of course, isn’t a new phenomenon. This one goes back to 1883, with the British daredevil and gambler, Matthew Webb. Webb rose to fame as the first man in history to swim across the English Channel. He made his living by betting against the public for various swimming challenges. He once won £ 400 (a huge sum in those days) by swimming for 74 hours straight. Webb entered the water on July 24, 1883, and was never seen again. Quite possibly, the greatest sports betting failure of all time. In 1881, he came to America and had a few successful challenges, but money ran out. He knew that he needed the stakes to be lifted. He asked, betting that he could swim through Niagara Falls’ whirlpool. The bet was staked at $10,000 and, on July 24, 1883, Webb entered the water and was never seen again. Very potentially, the greatest sports betting failure of all time.

Weepers and Losers

For most of these guys, losing a million is not such a big deal, but it will make some casual bettors cry out! We would love to say we never felt the pain of losing a sports bet, but we would have been lying. It happens to the best of us. But that doesn’t mean you’re not going to increase your sports betting record. Check out our comprehensive guide to sports betting strategies with our in-depth series of articles on how to bet on sports to start betting like a sharp, or master a particular sport.

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